Our Services
  • Sure Print

    Our SurePrint will allow your company print efficiently, reduce cost and is environmentally friendly. Our managed print services are simple and effective.


  • Consulting

    Witt Company offers professional consulting services designed to analyze your company, isolate areas of concern and improve operations.


  • Business Solutions

    We provide a range of services to prepare your business for growth and operate utilizing cost effective business applications.


  • Service & Maintenance

    The technical staff at Witt Company are second to none. Our manufacturer trained professionals have an average tenure of 17 years on the job.


  • Financing

    We provided financing services to assist your company with document output, digital imaging and storing solutions. Don’t put off upgrading your business solutions, ask how we can help get your operations set up.


  • Network Management

    Effective network management allows your company to run seamlessly day in and day out. Our network management solutions will not only save money but keep your operations running smoothly.


  • Parts & Supplies

    Witt Company has replacement parts and supplies to keep your printing and imaging solutions working properly. We have a knowledgeable maintenance & technical team for assistance in hardware repairs.


  • Analyst Survey

    Witt Company provides a analyst survey for our clients to give us feedback on the work that we do. We want to make sure that your issues are attended to in a timely matter and our clients are treated professionally.


About Witt Company

Witt Company provides end to end solutions for office imaging, document output & digital storage along with a full suite of software & hardware solutions.

Business Products

We provide full solutions for your organizations business. Being a trusted provider of hardware & software products, we can help your company reduce cost.

Printing Supplies

Carrying a full range of printing supplies, Witt Company has what your organization needs to keep your employees work flow running smoothly.

Service Request

Having issues with your hardware or software? To request a technician please call 800-777-0852 or fill out a contact form by clicking here.